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 Sam Malone:

One more Minute
36k,  4 Sekunden
Sam: Uh, just, just one more minute. Uh, have one
          more the the uh bed. The beach. The Road.

Babbling Idiot
70k,  7 Sekunden
Sam: You just called me a babbling idiot, and you're
          criticizing yourself? Do me a favor, let me criticize
 me for awhile, huh? You're sickening!

Happy Guy
36k,  4 Sekunden
Sam: OK, I admit it. I'm not a sad guy, I'm a happy,
           horny guy.

57k,  7 Sekunden

Sam: Yeah, well at least I didn't fly across the country
           to make an ass out of myself.

Why bother, when you do it so brilliantly right

Jock Bar
167k,  15 Sekunden

Sam: I'm a jock. This is a jock bar, but if we keep losin'
           all the jocks are gonna say "Hey, Cheers is for
           losers, let's go drink over at Gary's."

Diane: Oh, they'll never say that. Thay'll say "Me no
            like Cheers, lets go to Gar's."

 Diane Chambers:

79k,  7 Sekunden
Diane: You know, Cliff, if it is true that a little knowledge
             is dangerous, you are a walking time-bomb.

 Oh, thank you, Diane.

132k, 12 Sekunden

Diane: Oh, Sam, how much more evidence do you need that we were not made in heaven? We turn into idiots in each other's company. The difference in your case is barely perceptable, but it's starting to bother me!


 Carla Tortelli:

46k,  5 Sekunden
C'mon Sam, you know my philosophy: "If you can't say something nice, say it about Diane."

Great Beyond
63k,  8 Sekunden
Lilith: Carla, I'm glad to see you've made your peace with
           the Great Beyond.
Carla: Yeah, now I'm going to go grab a piece of the great

125k, 15 Sek.

Carla: This better be good news, Norm.
Norm: Look, uh, I'm sorry guys; the little pop-thing won't pop
           out. There's something wrong with it, I...
Carla: There's something wrong with you!
Norm: I think something's wrong with your oven, Carla!
Carla: Hey, my oven was just fine until you stuffed Birdzilla in it!


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