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 Woody Boyd:

Don't be bitter
69k,  6 Sekunden

Sam:  Don't be bitter.
I'm not bitter Sam. I'm just consumed by a gnawing
hate that eating away at my gut until I can taste the bile in my mouth.

97k,  8 Sekunden
Woody: Ah, the old "boy loses girl wins, boy wins girl loses", jinx reinforcement theory. If I've seen it once, I've seen it...

The Nose
92k,  8 Sek.
Diane: Woody, would you mind if I stuck my big, fat nose in your
Woody: Stick your big, fat nose wherever you like, Miss Chambers.


 Rebecca Howe:

Some Crap
38k,  4 Sekunden
Rebecca:  There is some crap up with which I will not put!

Buying Houses
49k,  6 Sekunden
Frasier: You know, I've seen this sort of thing a lot.
What, people buying houses for no good reason?
No, desperate women like you, grabbing at straws.

 Norm Peterson:

Greatest Pleasure
81k,  7 Sekunden
I used to think that sleeping was the greatest pleasure you could have in bed. Now I'm sure of it.

I'm your Man
56k, 7 Sekunden
Sir, I'll have you know that I cannot be bought, and I cannot be threatened, but you put the two together and I'm your man.

Draw a Beer
80k,  7 Sekunden

Norm:  Afternoon, everybody.
Draw you a beer, Norm?
Naw, I know what they look like, just pour me one.

High on Life
108k, 9 Sekunden

Norm: Good afternoon, everybody.
How about a beer, Norm?
Hey, I'm high on life Coach. Of course, beer is my life.


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