Höre dir hier die Originalstimmen der Schauspieler an


 Cliff Clavin:

Like all Women
108k,  9 Sekunden
Ah, just like all women. If their not turnin' down your proposal of marriage, they're, they're accusin' you of suspicious behavior in the lingerie changin' room.

Correct me
107k, 9 Sek.
Cliff: So, ah, correct me if I'm wrong there Doc, but that's from the
         ah Machiavellian Cubist era isn't it?

No Cliff, but, uh, thank you for participating just the same.

205k,  18 Sek.

Cliff: The very letters "D-N-A" are an acronym for the words
         "Dames are Not Agressive."
Diane: They stand for dioxyribonucleic acid.
Cliff:  Ah, yes, but uh parse that in the latin declention and uh
          my point is still moot.


 Frasier Crane:

Same Business
71k,  9 Sekunden
Roger, please! I'm a psychiatrist, you're a minister; we're both professional men, we're in the business of helping people. Don't make me hit you!

193k, 17 Sek.
I can't tell you the how many times I've felt my own hands around her windpipe...strangling her...fingers tightening... cartiledge snapping... and uh, I'm a respected psychiatrist.

Buying Houses
49k,  6 Sekunden
Frasier: You know, I've seen this sort of thing a lot.
What, people buying houses for no good reason?
No, desperate women like you, grabbing at straws.

 Lilith Sternin:

102k,  12 Sek.

Frasier is not an easy man to live with. He's obsesively-compulsive about neatness. The sex is good, but he pouts unless you compliment his performance. Fortunately, his male ego can be satisfied with a simple "Thank you, Conan."

The Slut
123k,  15 Sek.

Lilith: Yes I read the letter, you licentious quack, and what
           facile tripe it is! "We both need time to grow, to
           develop as people." Who is the slut?!
Frasier: She's no slut! Uh, what slut?

 Ernie 'Coach' Pantusso:

119k,  10 Sek.

Coach: So you're a psychologist, huh? You know, our jobs are
            a lot alike.
Psychologist: You mean because we both listen to people's
            problems all day?
Coach: Well, there's that too.

59k, 5 Sek.
Have an accident Sam, or you just glad to see me? Haahaahaa!


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